Gardaland: the most beautiful amusement park in Italy.


Located in the province of Verona, part of the municipality of Castelnuovo del Garda in the Ronchi area, Gardaland currently remains one of the most famous amusement parks in Italy, as well as one of the most visited by tourists, especially foreigners. We are near Lake Garda, on the road that leads from Lazise to Peschiera just 10 minutes from our hotel. The territory of this majestic amusement park is quite extensive. In fact, to fit in all the attractions of considerable size, the structure covers an area of ​​approximately 350,000 square meters.

Statistics have estimated that on average the amusement park which takes its name from the nearby lake is visited by nearly three million people every year.

The park itself was the protagonist of several awards including the most prestigious one delivered by the famous Forbes magazine, in 2005, as one of the ten amusement parks with the best turnover in the world. Besides, in 2016 it was the eighth largest park in Europe for a number of visitors.

Awards that have pleased various entrepreneurs and important individuals in the sector, so much that in 2006 the park was handed over to the British company Merlin Entertainment, which has managed the entire estate in the hands of figures of a certain depth inherent in the park, making considerable changes that have benefited the entire welfare of the activity in general.


The attractions.


Gardaland currently has 35 operational attractions, which are still being updated. The first dates back to 1975 and is called TransGardaland Express. Obviously, over the years, the attraction has been restored so that it could meet the current safety regulations in force.

The structure divides the attractions into different categories, based on their characteristics and the age limits of those who can participate. In the section called “Fantasy” we have entertainment for everyone but above all for children or “little dreamers” as they are called by the park itself. Below are its attractions:

  • Kung fu Panda Academy
  • Prezzemolo Land
  • Parsley Tree
  • Volapiano
  • Baby Pirate
  • Doremifarm

From a category that is open to everyone, we move on to another more lively event which, regarding some attractions, has age-related restrictions, and which is therefore recommended for thrill-seekers. The structures in this sense are in fact for the most fearless and reflect the idea that also gives the name to the category. Let’s talk about the ‘Adrenaline’ section and find the following attractions:

  • Raptor
  • Oblivion
  • Space Vertigo
  • Blue Tornado
  • Sequoia Adventure

Further, starting this year there is a novelty concerning this category: the attraction ‘Shaman’. These are roller coasters that wouldn’t be any different from the traditional ones if it wasn’t for the inclusion of virtual reality to surround them. In fact, those who will be so fearless to climb up will literally be projected into a surreal dimension thanks to the technology that will allow the visitor to live a three-dimensional experience, and then return to reality always through the path for which the roller coaster is prepared. This is a unique and rare attraction that can only be found in this magnificent amusement park.


For those who love movement and having fun with something more exciting, but less rash than the ‘Adrenaline’ section, there is the ‘Adventure’ category designed and structured to ensure that the less fearless could still have fun on the attractions, if you will, quieter than those mentioned above, but at the same time exciting. Here is a list of the main ones:

  • Escape from Atlantis
  • Mammoth
  • Colorado Boat
  • The Corsairs
  • Jungle Rapids
  • Ramses: the Awakening

In addition to the attractions mentioned above, Gardaland offers other ways to entertain its public of all ages, starting from the mascot that has made the amusement park famous in its own way. We are talking about ‘Prezzemolo’, the little green-eared dragon. You can find them around the structure to entertain visitors who may be in a row, or even meet them in person with a dedicated appointment, in the relative times given on purpose. Performances are also planned with the protagonist themselves and his circle of friends who have been entertaining the public in the park for years, especially the little ones.


Where and how to buy tickets


There are different ways to buy tickets and passes to visit Gardaland. You can buy individual tickets with the various dedicated rates, and any discounts and offers based on the current season, or on the types of subscription. Just visit the site to find the necessary information and choose, based on the needs and the period of stay. Some age groups do not pay, and others can take advantage of special discounts.

If you are unable to purchase the tickets online, you can go directly to the ticket office always available for any occasion. However, it is advisable to book and get the event subscription before the day of visit to avoid headaches and take advantage of the offers mentioned above. Our receptionists are always available to provide information on the park and booking tickets.

The amusement park also includes special season tickets for groups of people, based on their origin and association. Important discounts are foreseen, in particular, for schools and parishes that decide to go to the park by means of guided and organized visits. In fact, Gardaland, structures its programming also according to the different requests by groups of the genre who want to participate in the unique experience that the structure near Lake Garda makes available to its visitors.


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