The Garda area is rich in art, culture and gastronomic tradition. The offer of this extraordinary macro-region, whose vital center is Lake Garda, also extends to sports activities, thanks to the terrains of the territory, and to entertainment, for it has of one of the most important theme parks in Europe, Caneva the Aquapark in Lazise just a few minutes from our hotel.

In the Caribbean themed water park… like in a movie set

With an area of ​​100,000 square meters, Caneva The Aquapark is the most important Caribbean-themed water park in Italy and is a part of Caneva the world Movieland Park. Its environments reproduce the film sets of movies loved by people of all ages. You will find yourself projected in the movie Pirates of the Caribbean, with a swimming pool at the center of a Caribbean bay with pirate sailing ships and water slides; or you can dream of California with the beaches of Baywatch, among breathtaking slides and whirlpools to relax with the whole family.

The park looks like a single large movie set surrounded by dense tropical vegetation, with transparent water pools and white sand beaches.

The mojo of Caneva The Aquapark

Some of the attractions of Caneva The Aquapark are known around the world. The Stukas BOOM is a two-lane slide; it starts by coming out of a trap door and slips free from a dizzying height of 32 meters.

Don’t miss the aquatic roller coaster dedicated to “Twin Peaks”, after all the title of the series means just twin peaks. We face downhill and breathtaking ascents in a two-seater inflatable boat.

The adrenaline-fueled “Black Hole 2” will make you slip in the dark in a two-lane water tube on a single-seater inflatable boat launched at great speed on the surface of the water.

While Shark Bay is a large pool that reproduces the waves of the ocean, with Kamika you come down to the body from the top of an erupting volcano, in dizzying flight from the flames of the crater.

There is also a slide area dedicated to the Arctic theme. Frozen Bob is a seven-water slide course on which you can speed along a sled.

What to choose between fun and relaxation

Visitors of Caneva The Aquapark can try all the attractions according to their tastes: they are divided into Hot news 2017, with the latest entertainment news; Relax, for those who don’t want adrenaline slides but prefer to enjoy a Caribbean beach under a palm tree, sipping a drink; Family, with its entertainment for the whole family, and an eye for children; Adventure, for guests who love the “Indiana Jones” style settings with daring escapes and leaps into the void; and finally Action, where speed and dizzying fall are absolute protagonists.

The areas dedicated to children are obviously the most fun, especially with Action and Adventures. But relaxation has also a variety of options, thanks to the incredible round beach of Coral Bay; it is a real beach of white sand and crystal clear waters immersed in tropical vegetation. Or you can relax in the Lazy River, letting yourself be gently swept by the stream of a clear river, dozing off on rubber dinghies, while on the sides the forest offers a refreshing shadow.

Playa de Coco offers absolute relaxation. You can sip the sweet juice of a coconut on a deckchair in the sun, just like in the Caribbean.

Caneva The Aquapark in its relaxation area with Relaxing Geiser offers the opportunity to immerse yourself in one of the three whirlpools. The feeling is to be gently massaged by warm water, surrounded by nature. The whole setting contributes to the pleasantness of the moment.

The new attractions of the water park

The success of Caneva The Aquapark is in its ability to renew itself by continually implementing new attractions, with the aim of surprising. In fact, the news aroused the visitor’s curiosity. This year there are two.

The two-lane SuperSplash slide is airport-themed. In fact, visitors climb a tower 15 meters high. The location is like an airport with a wooden hangar and an airplane; we launch ourselves clinging to the mat along a steep descent to suddenly ascend before the final plunge. This is not a glide but a real flying experience, even if it lasts only three seconds. But the thrill is real when you slide upside down… into the void.

Tri-Splash, with its thrilling curves, has been completely updated to make the experience live to the maximum, integrating it with the new theming; it is a snake with three lanes to travel at a great speed completely free-body.

Shopping in the Caribbean market

If you want to shop and try the thrill of a Caribbean market at the same time, you will find a well-stocked shop in the Tropical Bazaar; the store is rich not only in gadgets to take away to remember the experience of the Caneva The Aquapark but also accessories for the sea, very useful for those arriving without costumes, suntan lotion or beach towels. At Caneva, you can enjoy sunbathing.

Where to eat and how to get to the Caneva The Aquapark

It will probably take more than just a few hours to try all the different and numerous attractions of the Caneva The Aquapark. It is worth forgetting the clock and indulging in fun and relaxation. There are refreshment areas that allow visitors to plan an entire day in the park.

A visit to Caneva The Aquapark is also an opportunity to visit the surroundings of the park, the beautiful town of Lazise and the other extraordinary beauties of the Lake Garda area.

Caneva The Aquapark is just a few minutes drive from our hotel and, therefore, the choice is made for a day full of fun.

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