Summer a la carte Menù 


Hors d’Oeuvres 


Starters buffet selected by our Chef 

€ 16.00 


Fabulous variation of raw seafood 

€ 28.00

Variation of small burgers with tuna und bass 

€ 18.00 

Duet of cod fish on homemade corn leaf 

€ 16.00 


Canadian lobster salad with mixed vegetables and

citrus fruits citronette 

€ 17.00

Pan fried scallops with celery pesto and a beetroot and tarragon cream 

€ 16.00 


Classical Tartar of beef 

€ 18.00

Lessinia Beef Carpaccio marinated in Valpolicella Wine, 

with Monte Veronese soft cheese and sautéed Chantarelles 

€ 15.00

Culatello di Zibello raw ham with homemade pickled vegetables and toasted walnut bread 

€ 14.00

Our variation of salted patisserie with pan brioche,

puff pastries and saltpuffs with a trilogy of wild mushrooms

€ 15.00

Delicate smoked Burrata with of half dried San Marzano tomatoes and frisella 

€ 13.00

Traditional vitello tonnato revisited by the modern culinary art 

€ 16.00


Soft San Marzano tomato cream with basil spherification and olive skewer 

€ 12.00 


And for vegans 

Homemade fresh macaroni with seitan ragout, apples and grated ginger 

€ 13.00

First courses 


Homemade Tagliolini with lobster ragout,

Pachino cherry tomatoes and wild fennel 

€ 19.00

Paccheri Macaroni “Rummo” with citrus fruit pesto, diced red tuna and salted crumble with pistachios

€ 15.00

Homemade Agnolotti stuffed with shellfish in lobster sauce with frozen celery sticks 

€ 19.00

Risotto with parsley, tartar of red prawns from Sicily and Burrata-slice (min. 2 pers.) 

€ 16.00 per persona 


Homemade gnocchetti sardi of  roast wheat with clams, bottarga and courgette 

€ 15.00

Green Tagliolini cooked au gratin along CIPRIANI’s style (min. 2 pers.) 

€ 24.00 per 2 persone 


Homemade Bigoli with duck ragout, fillets of figs and salt ricotta cheese 

€ 14.00 


Spaghetti in garlic cream, with scampi and tomato confit 

€ 15.00

Potato gnocchi with wild board sauce and delicate jelly of Bardolino Chiaretto wine 

€ 14.00


Main Courses 


Lambchops with fresh mint sauce and potatoes Lyonnais style 

€ 22.00

Veal cutlet Milan style with roast potatoes and tomatoes concassé 

€ 24.00 

Tournedos of “Sorana” beef with fresh wild Mushrooms 

€ 25.00

Grilled “Scottona”  T-bone  served from the guéridon 

6.00 €/hg

Suckling pig with sweet and sour wild berries sauce 

€ 20.00 


Whole grilled Canadian lobster 

€ 33.00

Sea bass fillet with red shrimp, scampi,

spinach and bisque sauce 

€ 26.00

Tagliata of tuna in sesam crust and wasabi mayonnaise 


Mixed fried shrimp, calamari, scampi and…. Surprise from the market 

€ 22.00

Catch of the day according to market availability 



Vegan Sandwich with burger of quinoa and courgette

€ 16.00

Grilled Octopus skewer on a a warm cannellini beans cream with fried Tropea onion 





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