Spring a la carte Menù 


 Hours d’Oeuvres

Starters buffet selected by our Chef € 16.00

Chicory with pickled sardines from Lake Garda and roasted bread cubes € 14.00

Seafood au gratin, served in a basket € 18.00

Fried scallops on a cream of sunchoke and capers dust € 15.00

Small burgers with tuna and bass € 16,00

Crispy octopus, roasted potatoes, carpaccio of asparagus and “Slinzega” € 14.00

Tartare of “Scottona” beef from the Maître d’Hotel € 16.00

Saddle of hare in pistachio crust and fried artichokes € 14.00

Variations of goose liver € 17.00

Falafel of chickpeas, soy and dill yoghurt € 13.00


White asparagus from Rivoli with quail egg and homemade brittle € 12.00

First courses

Hard wheat fettucine with shrimps, thyme and cherry tomatoes € 13.00

Lemon rosemary rice “Vialone Nano” with red mullet au gratin € 13.00

Nettle gnocchi with monkfish ragout in aubergines sauce and brittle fibre € 14.00

Home made Fresh lamb tortelloni with artichokes from Sant’Erasmo and smoked ricotta cheese € 14.00

Bigoli pasta with guinea fowl ragout, mustard jelly and asparagus € 14.00

Spelt Strigoli pasta with tartare of “Scottona” beef € 14.00

Homemade beet roots dumplings on a basil pesto and smoked buffalo burrata cheese € 13.00

Ravioli stuffed with zucchini and “mozzarella rice”, on a leek cream and poppy seeds € 13.00

Main Courses

Lobster Thermidor with wild rice € 30.00

Steamed fingerling with celery and basil sauce, brittle of bacon and purple potatoe chips € 20.00

King prawn in a cover of bass, delicate bisque and spinach € 24.00

Ingot of desalate cod, browned with crispy aromatic breadcrumbs and potatotes € 22.00

Crispy Muscovy duck, marinated with oranges, spices and honey € 22.00

Suckling pig with Modena balsamico marinade, pickled onions and pommes Pont-Neuf € 20.00

Rump steak of “Giovinca” beef, red wine gravy, cream of potatoes and artichokes from Sant’Erasmo € 26.00

Veal filet, ricotta cheese in oil, sauce of Marsala wine and green asparagus spears € 24.00

Goat’s cheese selection from Lessina with homemade mustards and Red wine suggested by our Maître € 16.00

And for vegans:

Burger of quinoa, radicchio sauce and grilled vegetables € 16.00

* * * * * *

Other proposals:

Suggested fish of the day


Grilled “Scottona“ Fiorentina with vegetables 6,50 €/hg


Home made desserts of Fabio

Trilogy of dessert € 10.00

Fresh ginger semifreddo with lavender flavor biscuit € 7.00

Brownies with walnuts, raspberries ice cream and warm vanilla sauce € 7.00

Warm white chocolate cake with salty caramel sauce € 7.00

Homemade puff pastry with fresh strawberries € 7.00

Cream brulé flambé of our Patissier € 7.00

Puff pastry with caramelized pears and cinnamon flavor, choccolate sauce € 7.00

Selection of Sorbets € 7.00



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